Video: TweetMeet in Västerås, Sweden

BlkChickOnTour:  Hello Twitterverse!! Finally I'm settled in @visit_stockholm (Stockholm). Day tripping to Västerås tomorrow. #travel #havingfun!!  10 Jul RunawayBrit:  @BlkChickOnTour Hey really? I live in Västerås, if you want to meet for Fika (swedish coffee and cake break!!) 10 Jul  And … [Read more...]

Train Travel In Europe. I Love It!!

One of the things I love about going to Europe is traveling by train. During our summer vacation, in September, we rode the train from Amsterdam to Brugge, then from Brugge to Brussels. Train travel is easy. It provides restful down time during your vacation plus there’s the added value of the ever … [Read more...]

Amsterdam: Coffeeshop Tour

It's been several years since my first visit to Amsterdam.  And this trip, I was back with a vengence.  I fly through Schilphol about 2 - 3 times a year.  So lately I've only been able to go into Amsterdam's city center during my 6 hour layover (6 hours in Amsterdam).  Not wanting to waste any time, … [Read more...]

Pilots are Rock Stars!!

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting in the jump seat, located in the cockpit, for a round trip domestic (not in the USA) flight. I've always known that pilots do a lot, and it takes a certain type of person to do this job well, with confidence, and with safety at the forefront of their minds.  … [Read more...]

San Diego Hometown Tourist: Chicano Park

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Chicano Park.  Chicano Park is located literally under the Coronado bridge, in San Diego, CA.  The building of the Coronado bridge over the park, dislocated hundreds of Latino families and businesses and was the catalyst for the founding of this park.  The take over … [Read more...]

Best View “In The House”!!

I received this from a friend today and I just had to share.  Every time I get excited over a marvelous sunset from the air, or the snow capped peaks over a mountain range, or something similar, I'm reminded by my travel companion, who's also a pilot "I see that all the time."  It's just his way of … [Read more...]

Gotta Get That Upgrade!!

I'm crazy when it comes to trying to get an upgrade.  I watch for special offers.  I count miles.  I'm looking for any way possible for me to get my bump up to Business Class.  Once I got an upgrade from Saudi Arabia to Seattle, WA, using only 1 mileage point for each direction.  That was such a … [Read more...]

Mile High Club Membership

Have you ever wondered how people join the mile high club without getting arrested? The rules are simple...all you need to do is have sex on a plane.  But, unless you're just a brazen exhibitionist, you're going to find this somewhat difficult.  You have to get past feeling self conscious, and … [Read more...]

How To-Do a Layover in Amsterdam

You look at your travel itinerary and you see that you have a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam.  You’ve heard all about Amsterdam...and would love to check it out, but you only have 6 hours.  Think you got time?  You bet you have time.  A six hour layover in Amsterdam is just enough time to make you wish … [Read more...]