My Best in Travel Photography.

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Winding Dirt Road with Yellow Daffodils and White House

Winding Dirt Road with Yellow Daffodils









Rainbow over Seattle

Rainbow over Seattle

Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Birch Tree Forest (Sweden)

Seattle Skyline from Beacon Hill

Amsterdam Rooftops

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

Older Men Playing Dominoes

San Diego Skyine

Shaybah Wavy Sand Patterns

Shaybah Orange Sand Dune with Clouds

Chairs on Pier facing the Baltic Sea

Brooklyn Bridge Cables and Structure

Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Grand Central Station

Fisheye City View

Central Park and Fall Leaves


Large Red House on Hill



Two Row Boats & A Pier

Small House With Tree



The Spiegelrei and the Langerei

Brugge Street Scene

Meditation Grove Skogskyrkogården

Introspective Ginger

Leafy Walking Path in Humlegården (Stockholm)

Man Pushing Carriage in Humlegården (Stockholm)

Two Benches in Humlegården (Stockholm)


Butterfly on Pink Flowers

StrandVagen from Water

Crazy Duck on Land