Top Spots for the Best Views of Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorite cities. It would be number one if I didn’t love Manhattan, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm so much. One of the things I love is that some days when I’m driving around or just hanging out, I feel like I’m in a lovely painting with blue skies, perfect cumulus clouds, green tree-lined roads, and bodies of water here and there. And, if that view has Mt. Rainier in it, then it’s incredible. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall if the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, and Seattle is in all her splendor.

I like what mother nature is to offer up, but I also like the city of Seattle. Its skyline and city view is visually pleasing. To check this out for yourself, I’m going to direct you to some of the best spots to view Seattle’s skyline and city center.

Columbia Center’s Sky View

The best views of Seattle are bar none is from the Columbia Center’s Sky View. The Columbia Tower (701 Fifth Avenue, Seattle 98104) is in the heart of Seattle’s Financial District, close to freeways, Link Light Rail, downtown hotels, restaurants, and shopping. When you arrive on the 73rd Floor Sky View, without a doubt, you will be astounded. You will have before you a staggering panorama of majestic mountains, ferries crossing Elliott Bay, and the color and drama of one of America’s most spectacular cities


Exterior Columbia Center Bldg

Columbia Tower Space Needle View

Columbia Tower I-90 View

Hamilton Viewpoint Park

At 1531 California Way SW, Seattle 98116, Hamilton Viewpoint Park offers some of the best views of the entire Seattle skyline in one swoop. The skyscrapers, the Space Needle, Queen Anne, the harbor, Mt. Baker, and the Cascade Mountains. This is a small neighborhood park surrounded by million-dollar homes with million-dollar views over Elliott Bay. Also, it’s located near Alki State Beach. After taking in the views, you can take a stroll.

Seattle Skyline from Hamilton Viewpoint Park

Kerry Park

Kerry Park (211 W Highland Dr, Seattle 98119), located on the lower south side of Queen Anne hill, offers a view that encompasses downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, the West Seattle peninsula, Alki State Beach, Bainbridge Island, and Mount Rainier. This spot has a magical view at night, with brightly lit ferries gliding across the water and the Space Needle at eye level shining like a deacon on its pedestal. Here’s a little trivia: this park was one of the many stops on the finale episode of the third season of Amazing Race and was also featured as the opening scene in the 1999 film “10 Things I Hate About You.”

Seattle from Lower Queen Anne Kerry Park

Bainbridge Island from Kerry Park

12th Avenue Bridge

At sunset, the 12th avenue bridge that crosses over Interstate 90 on the west side of Beacon Hill is lined with photography enthusiasts capturing the sun setting behind the Olympic Mountains as she’s shining the last of that day’s light on Elliott Bay and the face of Seattle. The bridge is really the spot, but 12th Avenue runs through Dr. Jose Rizal Park (1008 12th Ave S, Seattle 98144), which has amazing views and plenty of parking to walk to the bridge. 🙂

UPDATE 6/23/21: Due to homeless encampments, use caution when in the area of Rizal Park and the 12th Avenue Bridge.

Seattle Skyline from the 12 Avenue Bridge.





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About Terri Lundberg

Terri Lundberg is an American expat currently residing with her husband in Saudi Arabia, but she calls Seattle and San Diego home. She’s a travel writer, an avid photographer and is a resource and cross cultural trainer to expats relocating to Saudi Arabia. She's been to 100 destinations, 30 countries, and counting.


  1. Betty Davis says:

    All photos are just beautiful. You must be using a high powered camera. Those photos are crystal clear.

    • Actually, I’m using a Nikon D5000, their low end DSLR. It’s not high powered but it’s a good camera. I love it.

  2. Great views of Seattle, I’ll keep those in mind when I visit!

  3. These pictures really do Seattle justice

  4. i already loved it ,you are lucky


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