Tourism: Social Media Campaigns

This is a sample of the social media promotion for a recent road trip in Washington State.

Relfections at Ruby Beach

Relfections at Ruby Beach


Two days of driving Washington’s Scenic Highway 101, and sharing that experience with my online community during that trip. This is a small sample of what I do during my travels, based on availability of mobile networks and wi-fi. On this trip, I had to limited access to mobile networks, and had to rely on wi-fi most of the time so I wasn’t able to do as much real time social media promotion.

Link to Blog Post: Road Trip: Highway 101 – The Olympic Peninsula


WA Road Trip Hotel with Photo Tweet


WA Road Trip Retweet

WA Road Trip Ruby Beach Video Tweet

WA Road Trip Highway 101 Video Tweet

 WA Road Trip Ruby Beach Instagram Tweet


WA Road Trip Ruby Beach Instagram Tweet


WA Road Trip Facebook Ruby Beach Video Screen Shot

WA Road Trip Facebook Potlatch State Park Video Screen Shot


WA Road Trip Ruby Beach Instagram