Road Trippin': Rules For Being Shotgun


  In my family, I'm the driver.  I don't mind, I like to drive.. But, just because a person isn’t driving doesn't mean they get to sit there all brain dead, looking out the window like they’re watching a moving picture. I’ve actually had to tell someone this, which is why I’ve decided to … [Read more...]

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Skagit Valley White and Yellow Daffodils_

                            Tip toe through the tulips during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. This is the perfect springtime day trip out of Seattle. Millions of tulips, and daffodils in … [Read more...]

San Diego Hometown Tourist: Presidio Park

Serra Museum

Perched up on the top of a hill at the entrance into “the valley” Presidio Park is one of my favorite parks in San Diego.  With views over Mission Bay to the Pacific Ocean, it's a favorite for sunset watchers. As a major symbol of the city, it stands atop the hill recognized as the site where … [Read more...]

Top Spots for the Best Views of Seattle

Columbia Tower I-90 View

Seattle is one of my favorite cities.  It would be #1 if I didn't love Manhattan, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm.  One of the things I love is that some days when I'm riding around or just hanging out I feel like I'm in a lovely painting of blue skies, perfect cumulus clouds, green tree lined roads … [Read more...]

5 Things I Love About Stockholm

Sveriges Riksdag (Swedish Parliament Building)

Stockholm is the first European city that I visited.  In fact, I got my first passport, 15 years ago, in order to take that trip.  I love this city.  It's one of my favorite European capitals.  There are quite a few reasons why I love Stockholm, and why I keep wanting to come back.  I've decided to … [Read more...]

How To-Do a Layover in Amsterdam

Canal Houses in Amsterdam

You look at your travel itinerary and you see that you have a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam.  You’ve heard all about Amsterdam...and would love to check it out, but you only have 6 hours.  Think you got time?  You bet you have time.  A six hour layover in Amsterdam is just enough time to make you wish … [Read more...]