My Apologies – But I’m Bored With It

My apologies. It would appear as if I’ve totally abandoned this blog. And, the truth is, I’m considering bringing the Black Chick In Saudi blog to an end. But, I’m not totally sure yet, so I’ve decided to reach out.
See, the thing is, I started his blog just as the tag line states: How will a Big-Mouthed, Opinionated, Black-American woman fare in Saudi Arabia? Well, we all kind know how I’m doing, I’ve adjusted to living here and have gotten over a lot of humps and I’ve earned some lumps. But, I’ve made it, and I’m still strong. So then, what is there to write about?
If I get away from my original purpose of the blog then it just becomes an online diary. Which may be a little boring (the good juice stuff, I have to save for my book). 😉 I’m so bored with Saudi Arabia, that I’m over it, and I’m not interested in this blog anymore. However, when I first started out with this blog, the online support I found was awesome, and just being able to vent to the world how I was feeling was cathartic. Also, I’ve connected with a lot of great people who’ve shared with me their stories and have told me how helpful mine had been for them. That’s the only thing that has me even motivated to write this piece here. It’s the people. So, if you’re one of those (and you know who you are) Thank You!!
Also, this past year, I’ve been outside of Saudi more than in. I was in the States from Jan – June. I just got back last week after spending two weeks in Stockholm. I’m a travel bug, and that’s what I should be writing about now.
This is one thing I will promise to the readers of this blog. When I leave Saudi Arabia, I will let you know, and officially close this blog. Until then, if it’s still up, that means I’m still here.
Where have I been spending my time? Over at Black Chick On Tour. My blog has been revamped, I’ve written several new articles in the past month, and, my photography has gotten so much better that I’ve been sharing a lot more on the site as well.
Check out a few of my latest posts:
Art in The Stockholm Metro – This is my tour of Stockholm’s subway stations. Yes!! There is art in their subway.
TweetMeet in Västerås, Sweden – A video of a meeting I had with a new online friend while in Sweden.
Stockholm’s World Heritage Site: Skogskyrkogården – This one has a photo that has now become one of my favorite. I wonder if you’ll know which one. 🙂
Waikoloa Rock Graffiti: This here is cool stuff in Hawaii
Anyway, until next time….Peace!!
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About Terri Lundberg

Terri Lundberg is an American expat currently residing with her husband in Saudi Arabia, but she calls Seattle and San Diego home. She’s a travel writer, an avid photographer and is a resource and cross cultural trainer to expats relocating to Saudi Arabia. She's been to 100 destinations, 30 countries, and counting.


  1. karen gist says:

    how can i ask you more personal questions? i gist found this blog and am considering relocating. i think i gist signed up??

    • Hello Karen, you can reach out to me via the contact form on my blog. I don’t mind answering questions however, please get them all out during the first pass. 🙂