I’m Back!!

Yes. I’m back in the Sand Pit that I call Saudi Arabia. Why was I gone so long? Was I coming back? Do I still live in Saudi Arabia? These are just a few of the questions I’ve been asked during my extended stay in the States.
So, yes…I do still live in Saudi Arabia. For some reason I still find it hard to say I live here. I mean, I know I do, but I think because it’s all so temporary; while to say I live someplace has a connotation of permanency? IDK Anyway… 6 week stay in the states turned into 6 months. That 6 months turned into what I started to term as my Mind, Body, Spirit Tour.
Living in Saudi Arabia can feel stifling. Imagine living in a fishbowl. Seriously…that is what it’s like. It’s small and you’re 1 degree away from someone you know, with almost every person you see. And, I can guarantee that one biotch that you can’t stand is the one you happen to always run into, no matter where on camp you go. I needed a break. I needed to get “back to normal.” I needed to make something happen. I was in a rut. So, I combined some new activities, with some old tried and true balancing activities. And, I’ve had a blast…
I met with an energy healer. Yea…I know. It was a trip. But, it was real. All I will say is that after 2 sessions Nirvair had me “back to my old self.” I felt as if a cloud had been lifted. I can’t explain it, and it’s a very personal experience so I will just leave it at that.
I traveled around a lot. I went to Vegas 3 times. 3 times!! I know!! I have fallin in love with Las Vegas all over again. I’m not a gambler…I just like the Vibe of the town. I went for a wedding in January, which was completely out-of-the-blue, then I went back in April for the Janet Jackson Number 1’s performance (which was fabulous and yes, she’s still got it), and I went back again in May for the Billboard Music Awards (I don’t need to tell you it was AWESOME). I went to Seattle (my adopted hometown) a few times as well.
Towards the end of April Roland joined me in the States and on I continued…
I did a 7-day water fast in Santa Rosa, California. Yes, I went 7 days on only water. What an experience. What I learned is that we eat too much damn food!! For the 1st three days I wasn’t hungry at all. My stomach didn’t start to grumble until the fourth day. And, I wasn’t truly ready to kill anyone and eat them until about the 8th day, at which point I was given a 16 oz glass of fresh watermelon, apple, and celery juice. Yum. HA!!! And, you know what? After 7 days of only water…that juice was the best juice everrrrrrrr. That was followed up by 6 days in Hawaii. We felt like we had to treat ourselves to something. LOL I hiked, ate island fresh fruits, took tons of photos. I swam at the beach for the 1st time in my life. Oh Yea!! I went down a water slide for the 1st time in my life!! OMG!! I was like a kid. I kept going back and back and back. OK. I will tell you. I’m more than slightly embarrassed. Especially, since I grew up in San Diego, and pretty much lived at the beach. I did not know how to swim. Not only did I not know how to swim, I had this freakish, unreasonable fear (even though I would get in the water) of drowning. I’ve been told this is related to the numerous times I “slipped” into the deep end at someone’s pool party (yes, I’m that girl), making a fool of myself. Well…that is behind me. I’m still a newbie…but I took privately instructed, guaranteed to learn how to swim, swimming lessons. Learning to swim was on the Mind, Body Tour itinerary, but I never expected to love it. For me to actually go to the deep end of a pool and jump in was INCREDIBLE.
Mixed with all of this, I took some Photography courses. I have taken so many photos it’s ridiculous. I’m slowly going through those, and will post them as I get to them on Black Chick on Tour. I’ve started a “side” business (I’m keeping it close to my chest, you can’t share every thing) I’m feeling really good about, and I can run it from where ever, so , Insh’Allah things will go well. Right now, things are looking promising.
What Else? Oh Yea…I started working out again. Twice a week I did weights with a trainer and the other two days I’d work over the treadmill. I lost 15 pounds. That was after I had gained an additional 5 pounds upon landing in San Diego (what can I say, I love the Mexican food).
Wow!! After I reread this, I’m like…I had a lot going on. LOL.
Anyways…I’m Back!!
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About Terri Lundberg

Terri Lundberg is an American expat currently residing with her husband in Saudi Arabia, but she calls Seattle and San Diego home. She’s a travel writer, an avid photographer and is a resource and cross cultural trainer to expats relocating to Saudi Arabia. She's been to 100 destinations, 30 countries, and counting.