Chill Out at the IceBar Stockholm

Don’t you just have to go to an ice bar if you’re in Sweden?  It’s like a law or Stockholm 101 or something. Once known “Absolut Ice Bar,” it is now ‘IceBar Stockholm’ by the IceHotel. However, none of this makes it any less fabulous. It’s still the world’s first permanent ice bar, made from 100% pure, clear ice from the Torne River in Sweden’s Lappland. Pretty much everything that can be ice, is ice. The seats, the walls with artistic faces etched in them, the round stand up bar, and even the drinking “glasses.”

Since this is a must go to spot, there I was again, on another Saturday night, taking a visiting friend to IceBar Stockholm.

Located in the Nordic Sea Hotel, this is not a bar to chill out in. The reservations are in 40 minute shifts.  Besides, who really wants to be hanging out in  -5°C (23℉)  with a huge hooded parka with gloves much longer than that? So that means, you probably shouldn’t wear sandals. HA!!  I did, and couldn’t believe my stupidity considering I had been there before. Both my hands and feet were freezing. I couldn’t wear the puffy gloves and play photographer.  🙂

You can expect the IceBar Stockholm to serve up yummy chilled drinks in a cool atmosphere, giving you a great way to get your pre-funk on for the evening ahead.

For more information on opening hours, making a reservation, etc. check out their website: IceBar Stockholm

IceBar Stockholm

IceBar Stockholm

Ice Walls in the IceBar

Ice Walls

IceBar Stockholm

Ducks on an Ice Bar

Cranberry Vodka at the IceBar Stockholm

Cranberry Vodka at the IceBar Stockholm

IceBar Stockholm

More drinks please! 🙂

IceBar Stockholm-5

Etchings in the ice walls


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  1. I can’t believe that I haven’t actually been to the ice bar yet!!! Next time I’m in Sweden maybe.

  2. Is there an entrance fee?

    • There is an entrance fee. However, I didn’t have to pay as I had a connection 😉 I think the charge is 180SEK.