3 Ways To See Toronto!!

Toronto is one of those vibrant cities that takes you by surprise. It’s hip, happening and diverse. To see Toronto in all her glory, I recommend taking to the streets, the water, and the air. Start on the streets with a self-guided walking tour that starts in Chinatown, goes through Kensington … [Read more...]

[Photo Tour] Toronto Island by Bike

I’m a beach girl all the way. When I found out Toronto had islands, I knew that would be one of my destinations while in Toronto. And, what better way to check out an island than by bike? Right off of the coastline on Lake Ontario, Toronto Islands were created in 1858 after a hurricane separated … [Read more...]

Toronto to Niagara Falls Tour

When I was invited to take a group tour from Toronto to Niagara Falls, I was not feeling it. I do not do group tours! If I can make it work on my own, I prefer to do so. I like being on my own time and schedule. If it gets to where I want a guided tour, I prefer private tours. That way, I have some … [Read more...]