[Photo Tour] Southern Caribbean Islands

The thing about travel blogging is that you tend to get so focused on what you're doing now, and where you're going to that you forget about some of the places you've been. We went on a Christmas Holiday cruise to the Southern Caribbean in 2007. It was an 11-day cruise and stopped at nine … [Read more...]

Missouri Botanical Garden

Going to St. Louis? If so, you must check out the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I love gardens, probably because I love flowers. And, unlike parks, gardens have the feel of a hidden sanctuary. A quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, even if only for a few hours. Missouri Botanical … [Read more...]

Jazz in the City: Kansas City

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IqNlybMLQw&feature=share&list=UUgM1KXskU-9ypa4XhICZL5Q[/youtube] Kansas City and jazz are as inseparable as Kansas City and its BBQ; it's a part of the city fabric. The vibrations of contemporary jazz echo throughout the many venues, and there is … [Read more...]

Travel Tips For Visiting The Gateway Arch

St. Louis' Gateway Arch is impressive. I remember seeing it on Interstate 70 when I was 10 years old. My father, mother, brother and I were on our summer family vacation, driving from California to Virginia. My father pointed it out as we drove past it. I don't remember thinking any more about it … [Read more...]

Kansas City and Its Barbecue

The people of Kansas City (KC), Missouri, take their Bar-B-Que seriously. It's kind of like politics where everyone has their passionate opinion and is firm in it. I typically don't do food or restaurant reviews unless I'm genuinely moved by the experience and must share it. However, when you … [Read more...]

High Times at Seattle Hempfest

There were high times, and high attendance at Seattle's Hempfest. Held August 16 - 18, Seattle's Hempfest has long been a popular event with "indulgers" and non-indulgers alike. This year was no exception, with over 300,000 people passing through the entrances. Seattle Hempfest is the world’s … [Read more...]

Kansas City Friendly

Travel and Leisure magazine published their top 20 snobbiest cities for 2013, and Kansas City, Missouri, was number 15 on the list. My initial thoughts were what do they have to be snobby about living in fly-over country? Well, I recently spent three seriously fun-filled days in Kansas City and had … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Highway 101 – The Olympic Peninsula

I love a road trip, and I love to drive or ride to see new places. I particularly like to get out into nature. I want to be around trees, flowers, grass, water, you know, stuff like that. 🙂 During a recent stay in Seattle, I had to do Highway 101 around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, which … [Read more...]

Photo Tour: Stockholm’s Archipelago

Over 30,000 islands make up Stockholm's Archipelago.  Starting in Stockholm, extending out to the Baltic, it's the largest archipelago in the world.  On a recent stay in Stockholm, I decided to take the 1 hour boat ride to it's capital of Vaxholm.  Our time was pressed so we didn't get off of the … [Read more...]

[Photo Tour] Toronto Island by Bike

I’m a beach girl all the way. When I found out Toronto had islands, I knew that would be one of my destinations while in Toronto. And, what better way to check out an island than by bike? Right off of the coastline on Lake Ontario, Toronto Islands were created in 1858 after a hurricane separated … [Read more...]