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I’m Back and Blogging!!

Hello Everyone!!If you're one of the readers who have been reading my blog Black Chick in Saudi from way back, then you know I haven't written in awhile. I even considered abandoning this blog, for a variety of reasons. However, I received yet another email today in which someone was asking whether … [Read more...]

Fun Stuff: 50 Things Every Traveler Should Know

This is a fun infographic that I came across. It's fun. It shows us 50 things that will make us all more culturally aware of the countries we visit, and better travelers in general. So, of course, I had to share it with you. I knew 21 of these, which makes me a "Wandering wayfarer." How many of … [Read more...]

Black History in Kansas City

Anyone who has heard me talk about Kansas City know that I have nothing but love for this city. It's friendly, there's plenty to do, and there  is a ton of great restaurants, and of course there's barbecue. :) Kansas City made it as my favorite new city that I visited in 2013. So, I wasn't surprised … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Travel Talk with Terri: Basic Travel Photography Tips

Those of us who enjoy travel photography and are either pursuing it professionally, or are just enthusiasts put a lot of time and energy into learning their camera and their craft. This involves continuing education, workshops, and a huge amount of time actually practicing taking photos. In the … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Travel Talk with Terri: Hotel vs. Apartment Rentals

How do I decide whether to stay in a hotel or to rent an apartment? I have three main criteria, and only one of them is cost. This question is answered in this episode of Travel Talk with Terri: Hotel vs. Apartment Rentals. [youtube][/youtube] Do you have travel related … [Read more...]

Paris: The Second Time Around

The first time I visited Paris was in 2001. I had an awful experience. It seemed that where ever we went people were rude and unhelpful. I found the cafes with their tightly packed tables unromantic and stifling. I found the city filthy, and the subways stinky. As we sat in the Jardin des Tuileries, … [Read more...]