Archives for September 2011

The Big Thanks Makes It Worth It!!

I regularly receive emails from people who are reading my blog and thanking me for putting it out there. However, lately the responses seem to have increased three fold. It really makes me feel good to know that I've actually helped people. When I started my blog, I was selfishly motivated, I … [Read more...]

Photo Tour: Akaka Falls, Hawaii

Cascading waterfalls, lush tropical vegetation, fragrant flowers, huge ferns and towering bamboo trees.  This is what I found on my half mile leisurely stroll through Akaka Falls State Park.  A place with this type of description is bound to have plenty of photo opportunities.  Therefore, I will let … [Read more...]

Remembering Cancun

This was a short vacation break.  We had no plans other than to get away from work and the rain, rain, and mo' rain in Seattle. For four days we resided at the Fiesta Americana in Cancun, Mexico with a view of the Caribbean from our balcony. I can't remember a lot of  the day to day … [Read more...]

Embrace The Detours: Kolekole State Park, Hawaii

We discovered it by accident. We were on a road trip going from Waikoloa to Hilo on Highway 19 and had loaded the car down with freshly made organic salads, fruit, fruit juices, water, and some candy munchies from the pit stop made earlier at a naturals foods market in Waimea. Highway 19, along the  … [Read more...]

New Video: 4 Try Anything Once

The more I try to get away from this blog the more I have something pulling me back. LOL. It must be a sign for me to keep writing. :) Anyway.... I was contacted by another Black chick named Terri who has a blog called Try Anything Once. She asked me to participate in her Expat Week in which … [Read more...]