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My Apologies – But I’m Bored With It

My apologies. It would appear as if I've totally abandoned this blog. And, the truth is, I'm considering bringing the Black Chick In Saudi blog to an end. But, I'm not totally sure yet, so I've decided to reach out.See, the thing is, I started his blog just as the tag line states: How will a … [Read more...]

Stockholm’s World Heritage Site: Skogskyrkogården

Try saying "Skogskyrkogården." Go on, try it. I've tried to say it at least 20 times, with my special Swedish speaking friend pronouncing it, all in the hope that I would actually hear the subtle difference between what I'm saying and what he's saying.  I still don't think I'm saying it right, … [Read more...]

Tunnelbana Tour: Art In The Stockholm Metro

Who knew Stockholm had an art gallery in its subway stations?!! Well, actually I knew about it, but it wasn't until I took a tour that I realized how cool it was. When I was living in Stockholm 12 years ago, I never really paid much attention to it, and I certainly didn't know it was a "planned" … [Read more...]

“My 7 Links” – Back Down Memory Lane

A BIG THANKS to RunawayBrit for nominating me to participate in Tripbase's My 7 Links.  It's a summary of seven of my "stand-out" blog posts.  I don't know that I have enough posts I think  are "worthy" but, I'm going for it.  :)  This is such a great idea.  I'm so focused on what I need to write, … [Read more...]

Photography: Panorama of Stockholm

Amazing View of Stockholm from Skinnaviks in Södermalm: Click to Enlarge … [Read more...]

Video: TweetMeet in Västerås, Sweden

BlkChickOnTour:  Hello Twitterverse!! Finally I'm settled in @visit_stockholm (Stockholm). Day tripping to Västerås tomorrow. #travel #havingfun!!  10 Jul RunawayBrit:  @BlkChickOnTour Hey really? I live in Västerås, if you want to meet for Fika (swedish coffee and cake break!!) 10 Jul  And … [Read more...]

Stockholm: Humlegården

Humlegården is a perfect gem of a park in the middle of the exclusive Östermalm district.  It was established by King Johan III in the 16th century but did not open to the public until 1869. The name humle, meaning hop, indicates that hops were one of the major plants grown in the garden and may … [Read more...]