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Trip Advisor: Dirtiest Hotels

Check out this listing of the dirties hotels and make sure yours isn't on the list.  LOL  :)     … [Read more...]

San Diego Hometown Tourist: On a Mission in San Diego

Growing up in San Diego, I never really thought about its history.  School trips to the museums weren't for learning about the city in which I was living as it was a "field trip" and a chance to not be in the class room.   It wasn't until my later teens, early twenties that I learned and really … [Read more...]

My 1st Year Living in Saudi Arabia

December 28th was my 1 year anniversary for living in Saudi Arabia.   During that time, I received a lot of questions about living here.  I answer some of those questions in this video.  The 1st year was dedicated really to my just adjusting to the environment, and just surviving.  There was a lot … [Read more...]

Best View “In The House”!!

I received this from a friend today and I just had to share.  Every time I get excited over a marvelous sunset from the air, or the snow capped peaks over a mountain range, or something similar, I'm reminded by my travel companion, who's also a pilot "I see that all the time."  It's just his way of … [Read more...]

Black Chick in Saudi

If you'd like regular information about my life in Saudi Arabia and my travels throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, check out my blog Black Chick in Saudi. … [Read more...]

Gotta Get That Upgrade!!

I'm crazy when it comes to trying to get an upgrade.  I watch for special offers.  I count miles.  I'm looking for any way possible for me to get my bump up to Business Class.  Once I got an upgrade from Saudi Arabia to Seattle, WA, using only 1 mileage point for each direction.  That was such a … [Read more...]

Road Trip: SEA to SAN PhotoShow

These photo's were taken November 2009 on our road trip from Seattle to San Diego.  With the exception of a few (and I mean 2 or 3) all of these photos were taken while I was driving down the freeway at 65mph.  I use either my Nikon D-5000 or my Sony Cyber-shot.  In the case of these photos all were … [Read more...]